What is Your Risk Assessment for Retirement?

Your financial outlook for retirement could evolve in the next five, 10 or even 15 years. No matter what your financial approach is, your risk tolerance is likely to change as you get closer to retirement. Whether your strategy is conservative or aggressive, you can utilize this risk assessment tool to explore questions that will help you evaluate your risk tolerance and discover features of our Shield Suite fixed index annuities that may help you reach your retirement goals. 

To get started, click to spin the wheel below. Explore the different risk tolerance levels to see where you land, and then learn about the Shield Suite of annuities below the wheel. 

On the wheel, click the risk tolerance that best describes you.

Ready to See How We Might Help? 

Shield Suite fixed index annuities offer products with core benefits to address common retirement goals and concerns, plus a library of options to create tailored solutions. All of our annuities offer features like guaranteed principal protection, guaranteed income, tax-deferred growth, liquidity and features that help estates avoid probate. But each annuity has its own strengths, too. 

To learn more about our annuities, click on each Shield product below.

The IncomeShield series provides tailored approaches to guaranteed lifelong income, with five Lifetime Income Benefit Riders to choose from. 

EstateShield 10™ 

EstateShield 10 helps retirees build an income stream that has the potential for annual increases as well as death benefits to help leave a legacy. 

The AssetShield™ Series

The AssetShield series helps people grow retirement dollars on their own timeline with 5-, 7- and 10-year surrender charge schedules, and a performance rate rider that can boost accumulation, for a fee. 

FlexShield 10™ 

FlexShield 10 lets you opt into higher growth potential in exchange for accepting potential negative performance adjustments. But as with all of our annuities, the principal is protected from loss. 



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