FlexShield 10 Fixed Index Annuity

It’s exciting to think about all of the possibilities of retirement: you might explore new hobbies, spend more time with friends and family, or simply enjoy life at your own pace. But a key piece to making the most of this new phase of life is feeling confident that you have enough resources to fund your plans. 

Fixed index annuities like FlexShield 10 can help provide opportunities to grow your retirement funds, while ensuring that your principal remains protected from index volatility. With innovative index-linked crediting strategy options that help balance risk and reward, you can choose to keep all of your possible gains, or you can choose to risk a percentage of the gains for even more upside potential. And best of all, your principal is always protected. 

This product also features the standard benefits of a fixed index annuity, including guaranteed income, tax-deferred growth and a variety of payout options. If you want to focus on growing your nest egg, consider learning more about FlexShield 10.