Fixed Annuities

The Commitment of a Fixed Annuity 

Planning a financially secure retirement takes commitment and perseverance. You deserve the same assurance when it comes to protecting your money from market volatility. When looking at common retirement concerns, fixed annuities offer financial solutions, such as protecting principal, offering liquidity, providing tax benefits and taking care of loved ones. 

What is a fixed annuity? 

A fixed annuity is a contract between you and American Equity that allows the accumulation of interest based on a fixed interest rate determined at the beginning of the contract. A traditional fixed annuity includes:

  • Guaranteed Rate – A competitive rate is declared at the beginning, and guaranteed for a set period of time.
  • Liquidity Flexibility – Increased access options for health care-related expenses available with waiver of surrender charge riders.
  • Lifetime Income Options – Convert retirement funds into a stream of guaranteed, lifelong payments.

How do fixed annuities work?

This long-term retirement product is purchased with an insurance provider that, in turn, guarantees principal protection, tax-deferred growth on assets and a reliable income stream. Throughout the course of the contract, the fixed annuity earns interest based on an established rate.

American Equity offers Fixed Annuity products that provide different benefits and terms. Click the brochures below to download product details.^Benefit not guaranteed and subject to change

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