Summer Travel Savings Tips for Retirees

As summer gets started, follow these simple summer travel tips to save money and help create a fun, relaxing and safe vacation during your retirement.

Summer Travel Tips for Retirees

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Traveling is often at the top of the bucket list for many people after retiring. Whether that means exploring a new country or visiting a new city, traveling in retirement can offer new experiences and a lifetime of memories. Take a look at these summer travel tips to make the most out of your summer adventures without breaking the bank.

Research and Plan Ahead

Who doesn’t love a good deal? The key to planning a vacation that doesn’t break the bank is to create a budget that fits your needs and to plan ahead. It is important to include all travel expenses in your budget in order to ensure that you can enjoy your vacation with peace of mind. Be sure to account for what matters most to you whether that is splurging on lodging or fancy meals. Planning your vacation ahead of time is another great way to save. Experts often recommend booking your flights three to four months in advance to ensure you get the best deal when flying as ticket prices can increase in the weeks before the scheduled flight. 1^, “2018 Airfare Study-The best Time to Buy Flights, based on 917 million airfares” 2018In addition to researching pricing, you may find it helpful to research the country or city before you visit if you’re traveling abroad. This can help answer questions like what the climate will be like, how much things will cost and help you understand local customs or attractions you should be aware of. 

Search for Discounts

A huge retirement perk is qualifying for senior discounts. Many hotels, airlines and rental companies often offer discounted pricing to those 55 or older. Another discount that is available to many seniors is through AARP or AAA; members can find many travel discounts for hotels and car rentals through their membership. If you’re a veteran, inquire about veteran discounts as well. All of these discounts can add up. Researching company websites and asking in person to see if they offer special deals could save you 5 to 20 percent on airline or rental costs and leave you with more room in your budget to spend on a fun excursion or shopping trip.2^AARP, “45 Travel Discounts for Your Next Great Escape” 2017Senior discounts are not the only way to save big when it comes to travel—take a look at travel comparison websites like or to make sure you are getting the best deal possible when it comes to booking flights or hotels.

Don’t Advertise Your Absence

We’ve all heard stories of a family returning from vacation only to find that their house was broken into while they were gone. This can cause a lot of stress, and can potentially cost a lot of money to replace what was taken or damaged. It is important that you don’t advertise your absence while traveling. It’s often tempting to post fun vacation photos on social media in the moment; however, that lets people know that you are away.3^National Council on Aging, “Vacationing in Later Years: 6 Tips That Will Make You a Smarter Traveler” 2017Instead, wait and post your photos after you get back and be sure to examine your current social media privacy settings to make sure your posts are only viewable to friends. Another tip is to suspend mail and newspaper delivery. You can sign up online through your local post office to have packages and mail be held at your local post office for up to 30 days. Having a trusted friend or neighbor to check up on the house is also a simple way to gain peace of mind during your trip. 4^Asecurelife, “20 Tips for Protecting Your Home While on Vacation.” 2018

Avoid Added Airport Fees

Airlines are notorious for tacking on additional fees. There are often extra fees for luggage, food and even seats. Understanding what you are being charged for and determining ways you can save are key to traveling on a budget. When it comes to your luggage many airlines will charge extra for multiple bags and luggage weighing over 50 pounds. Before booking a flight be sure to look at the company policy regarding multiple bags, and even try weighing your luggage at home beforehand to avoid these fees. Another way to save money is to pack your own snacks or food to avoid the expensive airport food and on flight snacks. These small fees can definitely add up, and avoiding them is a great way to have some extra cash for more important things on your trip. The flexibility of being able to travel on any day of the week is a benefit that most retirees have. Flying on days when the airport does not see as much traffic can save you time and money.1

Make Your Travel Dreams a Reality

These summer savings tips can be a great start to planning the vacation of your dreams during retirement and can help you make the most out of summer travel plans. 

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