Are You Game Ready for Retirement?

The Indexed Annuity Leadership Council's newest video series explores what it means to be ready for retirement and how lifetime income plays a role in determining your financial health for the long haul.

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Modern life is often marked by many universal milestones – going to college, building a career, buying a home, and thinking about what life will be like in retirement. Throughout this timeline, many people are taking care of their health along the way. The Indexed Annuity Leadership Council’s (IALC) newest video series encourages Americans to think about their financial health and fitness in a similar way they do to physical fitness and wellbeing.

“The Game Ready series insists it’s okay to be nervous about the future, but just as heading to the doctor each year can ward off unnecessary physical ailments, an annual financial check-up can prevent any money-related surprises once salaries stop,” said Jim Poolman, Executive Director of the IALC. “We hope these videos can be useful for anyone, no matter how near—or far—they are to retirement.”

IALC Game Ready Video

When you finally reach retirement, how can you enjoy life to the fullest while also feeling secure? How can you be game ready for retirement? The IALC offers some food for thought when it comes to planning for lifetime income in retirement that goes beyond bucket list ticket items. The reality is that 80% of Americans’ retirement goal is not necessarily that once in a lifetime cruise but lifetime income they can’t outlive to do what they want in retirement, like spend time with family or pursue a hobby. 1^Indexed Annuity Leadership Council, “The State of America’s Workforce: The Reality of Retirement” 2018 

Considering a fixed index annuity as part of a retirement portfolio can provide the principal protection and guaranteed income that many people value when it comes to their hard-earned money. When considering what a financial check-up looks like for each individual, like many important things in life, balance is key.

“The best option for retirement is a diversified portfolio," said Poolman. “We hope to use these videos to help pre-retirees learn about options like fixed indexed annuities, which can be combined with Social Security and other income sources to round out a retirement plan. This helps boost confidence, knowing they are prepared for life after work.”

Other factors of a financial check-up include getting a full view of your financial health. Next, take some time to understand your current retirement portfolio, what your risk tolerance is, as well as what your liquidity needs will be in the short- and long-term. The IALC has a Financial Planning Checklist, which includes various retirement calculators as well as questions to ask a financial professional when considering fixed index annuities. Their goal? Build confidence amongst pre-retirees and near-retirees who are looking for options to secure guaranteed income throughout their retirement years.

Whether you are actively preparing for retirement or are just starting to think about the next milestone, there are resources to help you ask the big questions and find the right answers for you so you can be game ready. Find out more about the IALC at and follow them on Facebook for retirement insights and information to help you get excited about what the future holds when you can retire on your terms.


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