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American Equity Investment Life Holding Company 

American Equity Investment Life Holding Company®, a New York Stock Exchange Listed company (NYSE:AEL), is headquartered in West Des Moines, Iowa. American Equity, through its wholly-owned operating subsidiaries, specializes in the sale of fixed index and fixed rate annuities. We are in the business of helping individuals preserve their retirement dollars and provide a secure, predictable income they cannot outlive. We are committed to our contract owners, distribution partners, shareholders and employees and follow a people-first philosophy that continues to drive our success and contribute to our growth.

Member Companies

American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company® specializes in fixed index annuities helping retirement planners protect principal and guarantee retirement income for their clients. American-owned and headquartered in the Midwest, American Equity Life helps fund more than half a million retirements nationwide with a commitment to product integrity and excellent customer service that has helped establish it as a leading issuer of fixed index annuities. 

Eagle Life Insurance Company® specializes in designing safe, innovative retirement options by providing fixed index and fixed rate annuities, which are marketed through banks, broker dealers, registered investment advisors and other financial institutions. Eagle Life’s commitment to consistent delivery of quality products, combined with superior service and strong relationships, positions it as a leader for financial institution representatives who want to meet the needs of their clients – including safety of principal, competitive growth and attractive retirement options.

American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company of New York is an annuity provider specializing in a line of fixed annuities and focuses on the financial institution marketplace and its clients. American Equity of New York is committed to offering safe, innovative retirement options to help retirees plan for a secure financial future with their hard-earned dollars, while providing excellent customer service. 

American Equity History

American Equity was founded in 1995 with the simple promise of providing sound annuities for retirement while offering superior customer service. From its humble beginnings of just three employees, American Equity has grown to encompass three insurance companies with over 900 employees, more than 40,000 financial professionals and more than half a million clients around the country. Throughout our history, our commitment to protect and grow retirement incomes has never changed. Learn more about our history here.

American Equity Investor Relations

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American Equity News

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