Our Commitment 

American Equity's Commitment to You 

When you purchase an American Equity Investment Life Insurance® annuity, you are buying more than a retirement product. You are securing our support and the promise of protecting growth of savings and the dignity of a paycheck for life.


American Equity employees are committed to providing superior customer service, second to none, every day. We are headquartered in West Des Moines, Iowa, and do not outsource service, so if you need to call us you will talk to an onsite employee promptly.


Honesty, fairness and truthfulness have always been central to the products we design, business we practice and services we offer. We are always focused on providing innovative solutions with our contract owner's retirement in mind.


Our commitment to going above and beyond in every facet of our business has established us as a top-tier fixed index annuity provider. We are one of the leading American-owned and operated carriers in our industry and proud to service contract owners in every state.  


Through sound financial management and prudent investments, our products provide Sleep Insurance® for contract owners, so they can trust their principal is protected and their income is guaranteed for life.