Community Giving

 American Equity CARES 

We can build a better community by working together.

American Equity CARES is our community giving program. It is designed to support and partner with a diverse range of organizations to make a positive difference where our team members live and work. We are committed to making societal change with our charitable giving and will give funding priority to organizations or programs that impact the following areas:

Celebrating Culture: Requests in this category could include programs and services that celebrate the unique and creative elements of our community, and create collaborative opportunities to promote these efforts.

Affirming Inclusivity: Requests in this category could include programs and services that ensure that all identities, backgrounds and expressions are represented, embraced, and celebrated.

Retiring with Financial Dignity: We support our industry and will give preference to organizations or projects that educate underserved populations about investing, financial planning or offer services to retired individuals.

Employee Interests: We encourage and empower our team members to be Difference Makers who seek out opportunities to engage in their individual communities according to their interests. We provide 8 hours of Volunteer Time Off and welcome organizations that are seeking volunteers or board members to reach out to us and we can communicate needs to our team members.

Strengthening Neighborhoods: Requests in this category could include affordable housing, neighborhood enhancements, environmental cleanups or green development.

How American Equity CARES works:

We consider requests quarterly. Event specific requests should be submitted no less that three months prior to the event date. If your request is not tied to an event, you may submit at any time and it will be considered during the closest round of reviews. Organizations will only be granted funding once per calendar year.

Review Dates:

March 1
June 1
September 1
December 1

To submit an application, click here. Organizations or projects approved for funding will receive notice within 15 days of the review date. Questions? Please email